frequently asked questions

All Monaco Chain products are made of gold.

Monaco Chain is a global gold chain brand that appeals to everyone from 7 to 70, spanning over 90 countries worldwide. It’s gold chain pieces, suitable for sports, chic, casual, and formal outfits, seamlessly blend into every fashion trend and environment.

In the Monaco Chain family, there are 10 different collections available. These are listed as Classic, Edge, Figaro, Luxe, Shade, Rondo, Cavo, Rey, Curve, and Loop. You can visit our website at to explore and access all models of the collections.

There are numerous Monaco Chain retail locations worldwide. To find the nearest store, please click on the “where to buy” tab on the official Monaco Chain website at and select/enter your region. Once you complete these steps, you will reach the official retail points of sale for Monaco Chain in your selected region. If you would like further information, you can contact us via

The pricing of Monaco Chain varies depending on factors such as regional currencies and other variables, as Monaco Chain is a brand with numerous retail locations globally. Please contact the Monaco Chain points of sale in your region for pricing information.

To ensure that you are purchasing an original product, please visit the official Monaco Chain website and follow the steps outlined in the authenticity section for verification
For more information, feel free to contact us via

Did you forget to request it along with your purchase or did the store attendant fail to provide it to you? Please contact the store where you purchased Monaco Chain and request it from them. If the store where you purchased the product does not have certificates in stock, please contact us via

If you reside in the United States or Turkey, you can place an order online. We do not currently have an online sales platform for other regions. However, we are continuing our efforts in this regard. During this time, you can visit Monaco Chain points of sale in your area to access our products.
To access Monaco Chain online points of sale, you can click on the “online” button on the ‘where to buy’ page of the official Monaco Chain website at

Monaco Chain is available in many regions worldwide. In regions where sales points are not available, our operations for Monaco Chain continue. If you wish, you can visit our official website at to review our sales points. You can find the nearest region to you and contact that store for further assistance.

Monaco Chain offers various uses including bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, and chokers.

You can request all Monaco Chain promotional items (such as playing cards, etc.) from sales points along with your purchased items. If promotional items are not available in the store where you purchased the product, please contact us via

You can comfortably use all Monaco Chain products in the sea, in the shower, while sunbathing, and during sports activities.
You can wear Monaco Chain products anytime, anywhere you like, whether it’s during sports activities, at a party, in your daily life, or with formal attire. Monaco Chain gold chain pieces are suitable for every fashion, every hour, and every environment.
The width of Monaco Chain products ranges from 5mm to 50mm, and the weight varies from 5 grams to 500 grams. You can customize the length measurements according to your preference, whether you choose it as an anklet or a waist belt
Monaco Chain is the strongest and lightest chain in the world. This chain, developed with superior technology and special techniques, is highly reliable with its unique ‘S’ logo lock design and special double-click technology.